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Our projects

During the summer and fall, CIAA collects valuable information used to evaluate natural salmon populations, the performance of salmon habitat improvement and hatchery release projects.  Additionally, the salmon population data collected at smolt traps and adult counting weirs is used by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for fisheries management. 

CIAA also conducts other research projects, such as tagging studies to investigate the predicability of migrating salmon and limnological sampling to estimate the productive potential of salmon rearing lakes in the Cook Inlet drainage, and assists the Kenai Watershed Forum with baseline data collections.

Fry and smolt

Counts of juvenile salmon released into the wild in various locations.

Adult enumeration

Counts of adult salmon which swim through CIAA traps and weirs.

Smolt enumeration

Counts of smolt which swim through CIAA traps and weirs.


Search and download annual data reports from each of CIAA’s hatcheries.


Search and download annual reports from monitoring and  restoration projects.


Find issues of the SMOLTS newsletter,  annual reports, and other publications.