Port Graham Hatchery, owned and operated by Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association, is located in the village of Port Graham in lower Cook Inlet. This facility was originally built in 1991 and then rebuilt in 1998 after a fire. The hatchery closed in 2007, and was reopened in 2014 when we purchased the hatchery. By 2015, we completed a $2.8 million renovation project to modernize and make the hatchery more efficient.

Port Graham Hatchery is permitted by the State of Alaska to incubate 125 million pink salmon eggs. However, production is limited to 84 million eggs based on current water availability. Annually, 67.2 million pink salmon fry are temporarily reared in net pens in front of the hatchery. On average the time in the net pens is 2 months. The fry imprint at the net pens, meaning about 2.02 million adult pink salmon are expected to return to the hatchery each year.

Visitors are welcome at Port Graham Hatchery. Guided tours can be arranged in advance by contacting CIAA. When visiting the hatchery as part of a tour or on your own, please note the following:

  • When you enter the building, please proceed to the main office on the second floor. Please do not enter the first-floor incubation room.
  • Do not tie any vessel to our net pens or otherwise interfere with the net pens.
  • Please do not sport fish within 100 feet of the net pens.
  • Commercial boats frequent the bay to capture returning adult pink salmon. We ask that other vessels not interfere with these operations.


Top: Net pens in front of Port Graham Hatchery

Bottom left: pink salmon hatching

Bottom right: Port Graham Hatchery